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The idea of dedicating a few pages to food in Liguria, came to be, because of our desire to let other people know something more about our "poor" cuisine. It is considered poor due to the very few ingredients that are used but is, no less, full of all the flavours and aromas of this land touched by the sea and kissed by the sun.

In these last centuries, olive oil has been one of the main ingrediants of ligurian recipes.Maybe we have left out some of the most popular recipes but we have chosen a few of the most simple ones for you to try on special occasions.

We will try to reach your hearts through your palates so you may come to love this land even before seeing it. The follwing is a guide to the people that have no idea of what our cuisin is like. We hope that the preparation of these recipes will be the right frame for a merry evening with your families and friends and we wish you "Buon appetito".

:: Tortelli di zucca di S.Michele (PumpKin tortelli of San Michele)
   (the tradition of the patronal feast)

:: Pesto alla genovese (Pesto Genovese style)

:: Salsa di noci (Walnut sauce)

:: Seppie alla ligure (Ligurian small cuttle fish)

:: Zuppa di pesce alla ligure (Ligurian fish soup)

:: Funghi al funghetto (Funghetto mushrooms)

:: Latte dolce (Sweet milk)

:: Anicini (Anise flavour biscuits)